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We are the girls from Estonia. We were in the training course in Czersk on 14th-21th of February. Czersk is the very quiet and peaceful city in North Poland. There were participants from Estonia, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, Turkey, France. Spain and trainers from Poland and Latvia. We have had different workshops and discussions on the topics of discriminations and tolerance. We travelled to Malbork, where we visited the biggest brick castle and a beautiful city named Gdansk.

ANNA: I expected this training course to be a highly intensive deepening into the theme, that we would gather loads of new information and some practical advice on how to deal with discrimination in our own countries. However, during the course I found that dealing with this kind of problem is more just about understanding it, that you should focus on other people`s opinions and feelings more than on dry facts. In the end that helped me to take everything I could and maybe even change some of my own points of view. The workshops and games were also helpful, but not as important for me as the actual discussions were. One of the greatest experience during the project was the polish high-school visit and it has given me so much because the discussions we had, because of the people I was given a chance to meet.

TRIINU: At first of all I got a lot of awesome contacts from different countries. I learned to know different personalities and how to accept the different point of views. We had some nice activities I really liked and for sure I will use them with the youngsters I´m working with. I´m not sure that I got to know some new facts I didn´t know about the topic before but for sure I got some more confidence to share my knowledge. I also liked the culture nights. I got some new facts about the countries that were here and also the food from different places were greatI recommend those training courses for everyone just to come out of ours comfort zone and got to learn more about ourselves.
CARMEN-LOUISE: This week in Czersk was a very intense experience with many different people and activities. Although a bit lacking from real discussion and new information, that I was expecting from this project, it sure developed teamwork and languages. The most fun part about this kind of projects is getting to know different cultures and people, who, despite their different viewpoints know how to work together and have a good time. Also many new words in various languages that might come in handyIn the beginning coming to a small town like Czersk seemed a boring prospect but it proved to be the opposite. Lots of adventurous traveling by trains, friendly Polish people and beautiful towns like Gdansk and Warsaw that we had the chance to visit, made this an enjoyable trip and we will remember Poland only with good words! 


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