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Youth Exchange "#Best" in Romania

Association Center for the Development of Structural Instruments together with partners from Bulgaria - Bulgarian Youth Forum, Croatia - INSTITUTE OF YOUTH POWER, Poland - 4Youth, Estonia - Seiklejate Vennaskond, Italy - High on Life and Latvia - Ventspils Jauniesu dome announces the closure of the project #Best This project was funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus program. The group consisted of 35 young people, aged between 18-30 years (including 6 group leaders), from the 7 partner countries. The young people participated in various non- formal education activities aimed at developing the Canvas business model and social economy structures. Mobility period - youth exchange: 04-01 - 12.01.2020  Location of the youth exchange: Horezu, Valcea. The main objectives of this youth exchange were: 1. Provide information on business opportunities and local, national and international funding for the 35 young people in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, It