Youth Exchange "#Best" in Romania

Association Center for the Development of Structural Instruments together with partners from Bulgaria - Bulgarian Youth Forum, Croatia - INSTITUTE OF YOUTH POWER, Poland - 4Youth, Estonia - Seiklejate Vennaskond, Italy - High on Life and Latvia - Ventspils Jauniesu dome announces the closure of the project #Best

This project was funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus program.
The group consisted of 35 young people, aged between 18-30 years (including 6 group leaders), from the 7 partner countries. The young people participated in various non- formal education activities aimed at developing the Canvas business model and social economy structures.

Mobility period - youth exchange: 04-01 - 12.01.2020 

Location of the youth exchange: Horezu, Valcea.

The main objectives of this youth exchange were:

1. Provide information on business opportunities and local, national and international funding for the 35 young people in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Romania to encourage entrepreneurship among young people;
2. Introducing the 35 participants in the development of a business by implementing the non-formal education model Business Model Canvas" on the ideas they developed;
3. They created a video of the project for young people interested in the entrepreneurial model that contained recommendations, guide-lines and different characteristics depending on the local, national and international context for a better understanding of the business planning related to social entrepreneurship;
4. 7 business plans for social entrepreneurship were created based on the ideas of the
participants plans that are in progress.
5. 7 dissemination plans were created for each group, so as to exploit the project results in the most efficient way, emphasizing the social entrepreneurship and the skills acquired as a result of mobility.
The main non-formal education methods used were:
- Name games and knowledge games
- Team games
- Entrepreneurial needs analysis
- Development of business ideas, with emphasis on social entrepreneurship
- Business ideas development workshop - using the Theater method
- Debate method

- Working visit and meeting with stakeholders
- "Pitching" of entrepreneurial ideas
- Evaluations and debrifing activities
- Other energizing activities.
The target group consisted of
1. The 35 participants in the project
2. Partner organizations that helped us implement mobility
3. Young people and stakeholders in the Horezu area who took part in some of the mobility activities


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