"EQuilibrium", youth exchange in Romania

EQuilibrium will address the topic of healthy lifestyle as a source of personal growth and wellbeing,
while promoting tolerance towards aspects related to cultural and religious diversity, various health conditions or personal choices.

We have settled following objectives:

  • Promote healthy lifestyle encouraging physical activity.
  • Stimulate healthy habits and tolerance towards specific aspects.
  • Educate on healthy lifestyle and its impact on career and quality of life.
  • Increase society awareness on importance of equilibrated attitudes in life.
The project will bring together participants from 6 European countries: Romania–host country, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Estonia and Italy, 7 young people between 18 and 30 years old from each country, thus a total of 42 de participants.
Eurostat Data (EU-SILC 2013) on personal well-being show that in countries represented in the project the proportion of young people that rate their life satisfaction level as “low” is rather high:
Bulgaria–47%, Hungary-21.7%, Estonia–18.5%, Italy-13.7%, Spain-15.5%, Romania-6.1%, the EU average being-12.2%. There is a large array of factors that influence well-being, but our purpose is to explore those we can influence.
A series of discussions had with our volunteers led to the conclusion that young people have limited understanding of what a healthy lifestyle means and how it is related to the results they obtain on personal or professional levels.
There are many studies, such as OCDE/UE ”Health at a Glance: Europe 2016”, EU Youth Report 2015, that pinpoint how important it is to raise healthy generations. Chronical and mental diseases and risk factors such as obesity, smoking, drugs, excessive alcohol consumption have a negative social and economic impact both at individual and society levels, reducing employability and work force, further deepening social inequalities and serving as criteria for discrimination.

In order to ensure a deep and multilateral analysis of the problem, we consolidated a diverse international group that reunites: ethnic/religious minorities, vegetarians/vegans, smokers, participants having different health conditions.
During 11 days of activities we will use non-formal methods for learning and developing certain abilities and attitudes: getting to know, bonding, cooperation, trust games; educational games and methods; physical exercise and hiking; methods for relaxation; presentation methods; study methods; methods for generating and visualizing ideas; methods of organizing discussions and debates; creative methods; experiential and drama methods; motivation methods; cultural interchange methods; analysis, reflection, evaluation and auto evaluation methods.
As a result, participants will evaluate their lifestyle and well-being level and will settle their own action
plans for personal development and improving quality of life. Being exposed to diversity, young people will learn to think beyond stereotypes, developing understanding and solidary attitudes, thus
contributing to social cohesion.
Insuring project sustainability, we can bring an important contribution to the society through reducing
injurious habits and behaviors, educating conscious and motivated citizens that will lead a healthy
lifestyle, will be employed. Thus, reduction of social inequalities and increase of general well-being
can be facilitated. As well, we will promote the most important European values: diversity, tolerance,
We do believe that international youth exchange projects have an important impact upon participants and potential to bring long-term changes. Through such projects we can educate future generations with spirit of initiative and determined attitudes, willing to bring their contribution to society; we can diminish cultural barriers and develop tolerant behaviors, offering in the meantime alternative and accessible education opportunities to youngsters.

This project was financed with the support of European Commission through Erasmus+ programme. This communication reflects only the point of view of the author and the Commission is not responsible for the use of the information contained in this communication.


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