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Learning to be more resilient in Spain, January 2018

During 19th to 25th of January 2018 we took part on a training course in Spain, San Esteban de Gormaz. "You CREATE - Coaching, Empowering and Activating!" Involved 8 partnering countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Spain). During the course we went trough various self-assessments to learn to know our strengths, interests and traits which can be used to improve the visibility on the road to employment.

The course was organized by a inspiring NGO named Asociación Asekas. Their welcoming and introduction to Spanish culture was really one of a kind. Also the venue was on a territory of a public school, providing us with the invaluable experience to see the school setting of a scholar, activites and traditions of local youth in the form of their presence and various picture-mosaics and newspaper-cut outs on the walls.
Recognizing the state of (un)employement situation in current Europe, “YOU CREATE” comes to meet the need of supporting young people in their personal and professional development trough preparing youth professionals for future coaching. The course guides them in order to increase their resilience capacity, and therefore the change which can be created by their work.
The course also has a high emphasis on reflecting on the role of personal development and self-improvement – something possible to grow trough various personally accessible channels.
The course provided the participants with valuable self-assessments, self-reflections among with a network of activists with similar motive.

This summary was made by Martin Kala 


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