"We are all humans", training course in Czech Republic

Creating Human Library in Moravec, Czech Republic

On 15.07-24.07 we had the chance to participate in an Erasmus+ project which is funded by European union. The aim of these projects is to improve social skills and share successful practices among youngsters in EU counties. 

In July we travelled to Czech Republic to participate in one of these projects. It was a project with a very interesting topic (which probably got our attention in the first place). The course aimed to help combating prejudices and the main tool was Human Library.
During the 10-days we got to know the foundation and history of human library and day-by-day started practicing for the main event. Some of the participants had the opportunity to be a "book" themselves. 

The main event was held in a public square in Brno and went trough successfully with many guests.

Thanks to the project we have the privilege to be recognized as eligible creators of human library ourselves!

Juulia and Martin


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